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The Design Process Checklist


You’ve planned, you’ve deliberated, you’ve sought the advice of friends, family, and Pinterest. And now the day is upon you, the long awaited trip to the design meeting to start picking your countertops, your flooring, your paint, your lighting, your fixtures- your future home. There’s a rush that comes along with the first trip to the design center. After all, this is where the home truly starts to take on character. But take heed, visits to design centers entail an overwhelming amount of options and critical decisions.


Over the years at Magruder Homes in Bryan/College Station, we’ve counseled our clients through tedious decisions in the design process. And we’ve learned one major rule-of-thumb to live by: stick to your guns. Quick, hasty decisions aren’t meant for home construction.


Today, we’re sharing a checklist that our Magruder Homes team has developed to make the design process one that is memorable for all of the right reasons.


  1. Before you begin the process of design research, know your budget. Remaining true to your allowance may take more time and energy, but a maintained budget will reduce potential stressors later down the road.
  2. Whether it’s a binder that is neatly organized by room, or your Pinterest app on your phone, enter the design process with various points of inspiration. Having a floor plan handy will prove to be helpful when making decisions! Ask us for a the floor plan of your spec home and we’ll be happy to provide you with one.
  3. We hope to be your biggest asset when choosing materials, colors, and textures, so please ask us as many questions are you’d like. Utilize this resource; detail the furniture that will be in the home, the natural lighting that rooms will receive, the type of use that your home will receive, and where your sources of inspiration were found. In your process, have an open mind and a keen eye.
  4. Following the finalization of materials, be sure to keep swatches of the items that you chose. Delivery and installation may not be immediate, so you’ll want to reference your decisions for later purchases.


Again we stress, never hesitate to ask questions. We’ve been doing this a long time and want to help make this process easy for you. Making confident decisions in one of your largest investments is important. Ready to start the design process? Let the trusted team at Magruder Homes introduce you to a stress-free home design process.