Spring has Sprung at Magruder Homes! Learn some tips about gardening here.

Spring has sprung at Magruder homes

It’s about that time again in Aggieland; temperatures are creeping back up into the 70’s, the days are lengthening, and it’s socially acceptable to wear shorts and/or sandals. Within a couple of months, trees will begin to bud and we’ll be in the clear of any more cold snaps. It’s about time to break ground on your garden, as those spring rains will start to roll through Central Texas and refresh your landscaping.


For those rookie gardeners out there, we’ve put together a little how-to in creating a backyard bed for herbs, greens, and blooms!


  1. Make your Bed: Creating the perimeter for your garden is the first step to take in this fun process. All you need is 4 pieces of lumber (2×8) and some screws, and then fill in the box with at least 8 inches of soil.


  1. Get a Fresh Start: Sow seeds and pull weeds, and prepare some flats or containers for future growth. Tomatoes and peppers are best to be planted in early-to-mid February to allow for their germination periods. Just be certain to mark the seeds that you’ve sowed so you’ll know what growth you’ll be seeing!


  1. Prepare Your Soil: Turn over the soil to optimize for air and fertilization. Get advice from your local nursery about the best type of compost to use for your soil and plant choices.


  1. Fertilizing and Prune. Clean out your fireplace; ashes can be used as fertilizer for alkaline soil plants, or start a compost pile from your produce trimmings. When pruning, aim for shape, but make sure that you’re opening up the center of the plant for good air circulation and sun exposure. Always use sharp shears that will make clean cuts and not damage any part of the plant.


At Magruder Homes in Bryan/College Station, our move-in ready homes are built to house a home for growth. Put that green thumb to work, and customize your new Magruder Home to your own tastes.


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