SMART Questions to ask your Homebuilder before you hire them

questions to ask your home builders before you hire them

Your home is likely to be one of your greatest investments, so choosing your homebuilder is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is vital to insure communication is clear, your vision is recognized, and mutual respect and trust exists between you and the homebuilder during the homebuilding process. If you’re reading this, it’s probable you’ve already started researching Bryan-College Station homebuilders, which means you’re well on your way to a successful build. That said, several questions should be asked and notes should to be taken. We’ve compiled a list of questions some of our most savvy clients asked us over the years to help you in your pursuit of the perfect homebuilder.


  1. How long have you been building homes? This question not only shows the experience of the homebuilder, but it also serves as a catapult for your next question: Do you have a list of clients to serve as references?
  2. How do you serve local homebuyers? Your homebuilder should know the local soil and terrain, building codes, and neighborhoods in order to construct a home that is harmonious with its environment. Fetching a well-known homebuilder from across the state isn’t always the best decision. Choose local.
  3. What types of floor plans do you offer? Take a look at the builder’s portfolio; a more extensive portfolio ensures that you will have more options in your customization. From full customization to spec homes, Magruder Homes has the experience to offer homebuyers a full scope of options.
  4. How long will it take to build my home? This questions needs to be asked, and as the homebuyer, your expectations need to be accounted for. Though there are always conditions that may extend the building process, it is vital to know roughly how long it will be before you can move in.
  5. What is your warranty policy? A confident builder provides an extensive warranty policy. Don’t be shy in asking how you’re covered, and what conditions disqualify your protection.


Though these are our top five questions to have answered before any paperwork is signed, the team at Magruder Homes in Bryan-College Station can provide an extensive checklist of questions to keep handy when shopping homebuilders in the Brazos Valley. Communication is key in establishing and protecting your investment.