Making the Grade in Home Organization

Back to school Organization Tips-01The Back-to-School season ushers in many changes for families in the Bryan-College Station area, and it seems that no one is truly safe from being inundated with flyers, emails, and brochures about what to expect in the following nine months. Whether you’re an empty-nester or your house is full of anxious kiddos that are anticipating the school year, your fort must be prepared for the onslaught of a new season. Utilize your custom Magruder Home; renovate an underused area and organize your countertops and cabinets, then welcome the coming fall season with preparation!

Go ahead and draw up a to-do list, things are about to get organized.

  1. Central Station: Electronics chargers, loose mail, and the contents of emptied pockets, purses, and backpacks all need a home. Clear a counter or a desk and create a proper place for your those miscellaneous items. Purchase drawer organizers, mail sorters, and trays in order to keep things clean and collected. Want a little more out of this space? Add a calendar to prioritize events and commitments.
  2. Cut the Cabinet Chaos: No one is stranger to the dreaded mess of a cavernous cabinet. Food containers, pots and pans, and even cleaning supplies fall into a disarray without the proper organizational tools. Pick up some pull-out drawers and racks to quickly get those cabinets under control. This small investment pays off quickly.
  3. Closing time on Closet Clutter: From bedrooms walk-ins to entryway pockets, Magruder Homes closets are strategically placed and built to offer homeowners storage and living opportunities. Organize these areas to best serve you; purchase hanging dividers, stacking bins, and purposed baskets in order to keep those closets clean and accessible. And place the closet-cleanout on your monthly to-do list.

At Magruder Homes in Bryan-College Station we proudly construct new, custom homes and renovate current home spaces in order to enhance living standards. Each area of a Magruder house is strategically designed in order to best fit with our clients’ lifestyle needs and desires, enabling an organized and stress-reducing space to call home.

Get in touch with our design team to learn how we can help you transform a vision for new home construction, or an existing space, into your reality. Also, find our home on Facebook to keep up to date with recent projects and helpful advice on owning the home of your dreams.