Home Customizations I wish I had done!

Home Customizations I wish I had done!

So, you finally did it. You saved those quarters out of the couch cushion, emptied the contents of your piggy bank, rolled them up, and FINALLY bought a house. Now you’ve made it to the most fun part, customization. Have you ever been to a friend’s house for dinner and seen a fixture or installment that you’ve added to your mental checklist, when it came time for purchasing your very own home? Us too! That’s why we’ve made a list of some small, but game-changing, customizations that maybe you just haven’t thought of yet.



  1. Laundry Room Sink. Stains happen, and what better way to scrub out that three-day baby-back-rib stain, than in your very own laundry room sink. Forget about leaving a sopping wet trail of water from the kitchen sink. Be efficient and get the whole job done in one room.


  1. Heated grid for tile floors. Warm up your home with heated floors. In wintertime we all want to stay under the covers and hibernate, because everything is just TOO COLD! From tile floors to the toilet seat, I mean you might as well just give up and stay under the covers. A heated grid cures the hateful relationship you have with your tile floors in the wintertime and keeps things warm and cozy. Another plus is that it helps reduce those high energy bills.


  1. Pull-out drawers in the bathroom and kitchen. This installation will give you organized drawers instead of a heaping mess of pots and pans piled on top of each other. It’s the little things like this that will keep your home appealing fresh, like those you see in home magazines.


  1. More recessed lighting. Though they may be unobtrusive, their effect, if positioned correctly, is powerful. Recessed lighting can be used anywhere in your home. Place this lighting in your ceiling for general lighting in your home, position them above your sink or desk for task lighting, or direct them toward your favorite piece of artwork for accent lighting. The possibilities are endless!


  1. Windows in bathroom and laundry room. First of all, bathroom and laundry tasks can be daunting at times, like washing clothes or getting ready for hours. What better way to open up a room than with a window. It will make each of these rooms feel not so claustrophobic and maybe, give you something pretty too look at while doing these bleak tasks.



  1. Extended garage. It’s inevitable, one of these days you will probably have kids and what happens when those kids start getting older? There will be a countless amount of bicycles, outdoor toys, sporting equipment, and maybe even more cars as time goes on. Prepare for the growth of your family by extending your garage. It’s always better to have too much room, than not enough room.
  2. Outside hose nozzles. This is for all of our green thumbs out there and general upkeep of your yard. Without hose nozzles you will be walking back and forth carrying buckets, so make sure you don’t skip this small, but HUGE installation.
  3. Gas line to the back of the house. If you’re somebody who spends a lot of time throwing out door parties, eating outside, or just enjoys grilling in general, then this is a great customization idea for you. Save yourself the struggle of changing out your gas cylinder.
  4. Extra outdoor outlets. If you are the Clark Griswold of Christmas or every other holiday, then more outside outlets are not just an option for you, they are a necessity. Just make sure you don’t leave your Christmas lights on all year long.


Magruder Homes has been building custom homes for over a decade. It’s important to us to learn about our clients and their needs so we can suggest customizations that will make your life easier. If you have any further questions/concerns over the customization options we can offer you, we are just a phone call away. Magruder Homes is a recognized Bryan-College Station home builder, specializing in new home construction and spec homes.