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Banquet Dining Blog

Banquet Dining Blog

“Please pass the mashed potatoes and gravy.” What ever happened to this simple phrase? If you’re like us, we aren’t sure what happened to it either, and like you, we didn’t even realize it was important.

Here, at Magruder Homes, we believe in restoring American classics. We believe in things like eating a big fat slice of Grandma’s apple pie after you’ve finished your brussel sprouts, cheering on our Ags on Saturday’s, attending the hometown Christmas parade, and gathering at one table for dinner.

If you’re anything like the Magruder family or any typical College Station family, then you know that traditional, family dinner has been tossed out, like Aunt Em’s green bean casserole this past Thanksgiving. You are now more than familiar with the segregated meal: adults in the crammed kitchen or dining room and kids out on the patio, or wherever they can squeeze. For most families there is no such thing as the day-to-day family dinner. It’s time to re-define family meal time and move on to the new contemporary classic: transitional banquet dining rooms. It’s like the classic dining room, but with more elbow room.

Classic dining rooms died out as more and more homeowners knocked down walls to create bigger living rooms. Ah, finally some breathing room! With the rise of “quick” meals it became even easier to drift away from the family sphere and pick-up more extra-curricular activities and later and later shifts at work. Modern seating and design promoted even more space efficiency when homeowners started opting for breakfast nooks, island seating and bar seating; instead of traditional and separate family and formal dining areas.

Today, families are starting to break this trend and opt for a transitional dining room that is larger and better suited, whether it is for everyday family dinners or hosting and entertaining guests. This means that everybody can sit at one table again, for Christmas dinner, and endure grueling tales of Aunt Elaine’s cat’s triple bypass surgery—for the fifth time.

As families grow and mature, this new dining area can also serve as the “hub” for every big milestone: graduation parties, wedding showers, baby showers, and even classy New Year’s Eve Parties, complete with champagne and photo booths. Just think how many more “likes” you will get on Instagram when you post a picture of that oven-roasted turkey, instead of that four-cheese hot pocket. It’s all about combining the old with the new.

So , since you only get one family, it’s time to toll the dinner bell and call everybody back to the dining room table, so they can, “Please, pass the mashed potatoes and gravy already!”

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