Back to School Organization Tips: The Kid’s Room

Back to School Organization Tips: The Kid’s Room


Back to School Organization Tips: The Kid’s Room

Neighborhood swimming pools are closing up, baseball season is ending, snow-cone shacks aren’t serving, the temperature is dropping, and the kiddos are headed back-to-school. As the leaves start to fall, your yard may look beautifully unkempt but I doubt you can say the same for the interior of your College Station or Bryan home. The key to conquering this new school year is to remove the filth from the primary source: the kid’s rooms. Bum! Bum! Bum! It’s scary, we know so here are a few organization tips for dealing with this pig sty.

  1. Clean out bedroom closets.

Back-to-school is a good time to make your kids bag up clothes they no longer wear or fit in. It not only creates space in the closet, but allows your children to be charitable. Send the clothes to a family friend who could use some hand-me-downs to Goodwill or even Plato’s Closet to make some extra cash. As a rule, go through each piece of clothing and make your kids ask themselves, “Have I worn this piece of clothing or played with this toy in a year?” If not, send it packing.

  1. Slap a label on it.

During your big clean-out, there will be many miscellaneous items you come across that don’t seem to have a home. Things like: mittens, swimsuits, hair ribbons, belts, and hats easily get lost and are hard to track down. In this case, put them in their own little cubby and label them. This way the room not only looks neat and uniform, but your kids will know exactly where to find each item in a pinch.

  1. Clean out those monsters under-the-bed.

Even if you need to get your elbow-length, rubber gloves out for this task…it must be done. Proceed with caution as you uncover those moldy lunches.

  1. Downsize dresser essentials.

Aside from the moldy lunch dressers are almost as bad as under-the-bed. It’s a hoarder’s paradise! To keep the dresser neat, stray from stacking shirts horizontally, or one-on-top-of-the-other. Instead, stack them vertically against each other, like files in a filing cabinet. This way when your child is looking for his favorite batman shirt, he will be able to make a quick grab instead of demolishing every stack digging for it.


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