Baby proofing your new Magruder home

baby proofing your new magruder home

Research, prepare, do a little more research, and lose sleep with the worry you are not researching or preparing enough. The first homecoming for a newborn is a daunting responsibility. While there is no such thing as baby-proof, from newborn to rambunctious toddler, a baby-prepped (Magruder) home will get you on your way to a safe, clean environment for your precious little one to explore, learn, and develop. Over the years, Magruder Homes has welcomed new families into our Bryan/College Station homes, and we now have a few tricks up our sleeves in baby-prepping your living spaces. We’ve done the research, and we’ll leave the nesting to you.

1. Get on their level. Yes, this will require getting down on your hands and knees, but it’s important that you see what they’ll see, you can reach what they’ll be reaching for, and you can knock over or bump into what they’ll be running into.

2. Take care of the little things. Well, take care of the big things, too! But, clean up small objects that are lying loose around the house. These are big choking hazards that, until now, were probably meaningless to you. Dropping bags or shoes at the door may no longer be an option.

3. Get secured. Tie up loose cords that can be yanked, install cabinet door hinge-stops, and conceal outlets with plastic applications. Keep cleaning products, medicines, and alcohol far out of reach.

4. Go soft. Hard edges, such as a fireplace, and sharp corners, such as a coffee table, can result in bonked heads and bruises. If you can’t soften an edge, try to make it difficult to reach. At Magruder Homes, we build and design homes meant for family living. Meaning, our homes are constructed to withstand wear and tear over the years of a growing family.

Take precautions on your end, we’ll make sure that your home is built for your growth. Magruder Homes is a Bryan/College Station homebuilder that is devoted to constructing new homes in neighborhoods throughout the Brazos Valley. Contact us today to learn more about new homes for sale, move-in ready homes in Aggieland, or to learn about building on your own lot!