Adding Autumn Ambiance

At this time of year in Bryan-College Station, the natural lighting and foliage begin to change into a melody of gorgeous and inspiring tones. Cooler temperatures, increased rainfall, and stretching shadows create a symphony of hues that can definitely be pulled in to the home design process and serve as a muse for decor. From crisp, saturated colors to muted, neutral tones, the natural changing of seasons can definitely guide the design approach in your Magruder home. And, having an eye to transition your colors throughout the seasons, and amongst your furniture and installed home design elements, is always advantageous.

Below, we’ll hit on Design Seed’s color schemes, but go a little further and swap out some hues on the color palettes in order to pull your designs throughout the entire year.


Succulent color palettes are extremely popular right now, and for good reason. These clean colors can easily be transitioned throughout the changing seasons. For winter, add hints of silver to accessorize your staple colors. In spring, add a pop of turquoise, and in summer opt for pops of coral to bring out accompany the cooler tones.


Bryan-College Station is bountiful in varying degrees of high and low tone colors during the autumn season. If your Magruder Home welcomes those natural hues, then a produce-inspired palette may be just for you. In the winter months, add sparks of gold to accompany your foundational colors. In spring, soften the rust-colors, and in summer add brighter pops of red!


These “fallen hues” work beautifully amongst rooms with an abundance of natural light, such as Magruder Homes living spaces that offer open-air concepts. In the darker winter months, bring down the brightness of the fuchsia color, in spring add some warmth to the mossy green, and in those summer months introduce a golden-tinted yellow.


These “sunny” hues can add warmth and a touch of southern hospitality to any Magruder Home, at any point of the year! In the cooler winter months, add bold statements of bright white, in the spring introduce some brighter green hues, and in the some months bring in a rusty orange to change up the pace and add some energy!


And finally, a color palette that offers a lot of design freedom. These diverse colors are on a cooler range of temperatures. As winter rolls in, take out the soft orange and add silver grey. In the spring, amp up the mint, and in summer, turn up the temperature for the orange. This color scheme is extremely transitional in Magruder Homes.

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