6 Easy Techniques to Maximize Your Space

6 Easy Techniques to Maximize Your Space


6 Easy Techniques to Maximize Your Space

Nobody wants to feel like they are living in a shoe-box. As families grow,  we all just need a little more elbow room in our College Station homes. So, we’ve created a simple list with tips, on how to make your home seem bigger without the hassle of having to add-on or knock down your whole house.

  1. Create an illusion.

Use reflective mirrors or see-through cabinets to create an “open” feeling in your home. Be sure to add subtle pops of color behind see-through spaces. For example, in the kitchen add dishes behind cabinets, that match your overall color scheme. This, will create an overall rhythm for the eye, and make each room look synchronized.

  1. Go monochromatic or go home.

Use subtle, even-toned colors and textures to make any room seem spacious. Use the same colors (or close to the same colors) for cabinets, ceiling, and flooring. To mix things up, add a different texture on one section of the room. Upgrading a room with wood ceilings or flooring gives the space a natural and clean appearance.

  1. Create a focal point.

Along with subtle, even-toned colors add a piece of furniture that exudes a lot of character. Something as simple as a large, royal-blue velvet chair in the corner, can draw the eye to a specific aspect of the room and make the rest of it seem grander.

  1. Create separate nooks.

Setting aside isolated, organized areas in a room, helps the eyes and brain mentally organize or “sum-up” a room quickly. By compartmentalizing the room will seem larger than it really is. Simply add an independent area for reading in one corner of the room and easily pull-off this major mind trick.

  1. Tear down your bubble.

Push-over the exterior walls of your home and swap them for glass. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, opt for all glass walls. Hello nature! If glass walls isn’t your style and you need to keep a little of the outside out, add a large window to brighten up the room. A little extra Vitamin D never hurt anybody.

  1. Don’t be vertically challenged.

When it’s time to pick your customizations, be sure to utilize all of the space in your home. Don’t leave that tiny sliver of space in between the cabinets and ceiling. Make both fixtures touch to draw the eye upwards, making the room seem continuous, sharp, and slender. Kind of like the effect of wearing a little black dress on a first date!

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